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Do you want more time for yourself & your hobbies?
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Hello there! Welcome to my website, and thank you for being here! I’m Errol Peynado, and I know there’s a reason you came.

I’m actually a REALTOR by trade, which is a highly accomplished version of a real estate agent. I studied hard and passed many real estate exams that make me honor-bound when dealing with the public. Before that, I owned my own plumbing business, which, ironically, is how I got into real estate. I provided expert plumbing repair estimates to sellers’ agents to calculate the cost of repairs to the projected sale of the home. So they make their money, I get paid a wage.

So one day, I counted all of my blessings, and I realized I’m great with sales, negotiations, and structuring deals. I’m a good communicator. I have years of business experience. So, I looked around for something that paid well but didn’t take so much of my time. I tried a few wealth-generating systems that seemed legit, but it was all talk in the end. That is until one day when I found out how to use a cash-generating system that I can control remotely. After a year of working harder than I needed to, I worked out a deal with the owner that let me help other people close their deals, the way I did as a REALTOR. Now, this is what I do!

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Have you ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur going to work for yourselfno boss, no commutes, no underpaying wages?

Everyone wins. The people who want to sell can sell. Then, when it’s time to close, they send it to me. Now that I’ve finally found a way to afford to retire, I have time to travel with my family, see the sights, and kick back at the beach. Stress levels are lower than ever, and the system never stops. Most of the day, I just lay here working on nothing but my tan. If I get a call to close a deal, I take it right on the beach, drink in hand, wearing sunglasses.

This program doesn’t come with complicated instructions or gimmicks.
It’s fundamentally a business in a box, and the sales come completed for you.

Our system runs like a franchise, but it uses the internet instead of brick-and-mortar. No overhead, no employees, all automated. Someone else’s product and branding, you put up the money, and no say in how the business is structured or how the deals are executed, but why would you? It follows a strict formula. That’s the point of franchises. It’s a proven system for delivering a consistent product or service, so the customer always wins. Meanwhile, the business controls its cost and maintains steady supply lines.

If you’re ready to change your life, your chance to do so is here!

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This successful program
has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of people world wide!

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It was Designed to be as Easy as it can be!

✔️ You Join and Plug into one of our ‘Done for You Advertising Packages‘ to drive visitors to the website you’re on right now.

✔️ Our Marketing System Generates Leads For You and a Success Coach Will Handle All Inquires and Enroll each Prospect.

✔️ There Is No Selling, No Explaining: We Close All Of The Sales For You Making This The Ultimate Hands Free Income Machine!

✔️ You Receive $500, $1500, $2500, $6000 and even up to $15,750 delivered to you for every sale that’s made on your behalf.

✔️ That’s It!! No Learning Complicated Marketing Formulas.

✔️No Phone CallsNo Chasing – Simple, Easy, Rewarding, Plus ALL of the Money You’ve Ever Wanted!

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This successful program
has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of people world wide!

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What are YOU waiting for?

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Work for yourself and obtain the financial freedom you want for early retirement, frequent traveling, and spending more time with your family.
Get in touch with me to hear more about this system, and learn firsthand the perfect way to achieve what you’ve been seeking!

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